If the title hasn’t already told you everything you need to know about the author, I’ll let you in on a few other things: (1) He has his own bobble-head figure (2) His grandfather was a carnival worker (3) He proudly wears lime green ostrich skin cowboy boots (4) There are only about 2 things he says that I think are wrong.  That last one is a pretty high compliment, maybe even better than the bobble-head (and who doesn’t want his own bobble-head?).  If you’re looking for an academic approach to personal improvement, this ain’t your guy.  He’s too funny.  He’ll describe the idiots you see everyday, including the one in the mirror.  If you think that calling other people “idiots” is caustic, he’s probably not your guy.  He doesn’t take a position of moral superiority.  He’s from Oklahoma, how can he?  He’s not deep on why your life is screwed up, but he is strong on the practical aspects of fixing it.  If you’re willing to admit you are responsible for screwing up your own life, then this guy will give you practical steps making your life better.  If you go through his worksheets, and actually fill them out (instead of intending to fill them out later) the book will be helpful.  His message:  Success is hard work.  Most people aren’t successful, because they aren’t willing to work hard (either at work or at disciplining themselves).  He does a great job of preaching my message:  personal development is financial development is business development is leadership development.  The lessons from one lead right into the others.  If you want supportive and nurturing, you’ll think he’s an idiot.

Quibble:  He’s dead wrong on two things.  You get to decide which ones.