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Even More Resilience Tips

Cognitive flexibility. Your ability to learn in new situations – to adapt will make you survive.  If you’re not willing to learn every day, then you will die young.

Control your negative emotions. The changing of our thinking most reliably controls our negative emotions. Give a look at my old blog post about Albert Ellis and the ABC’s of cognitive change.

Build active coping skills.  That’s as vague as vague can be. So here’s my definition. Figure out practical ways to solve your problems. In my business, people want to talk about strategy all the time and you know what? Strategy is fun to think about in a room full of smart people, but strategy never gets anything done. You’ve got to figure out how it is tomorrow that I’m going to go solve my problem. People talk about strategy like “Man. Someday I want to be in California.” So my question is, “What did you do today to go West?” If you didn’t do anything today to go West, then that’s a nice dream, but that’s not a plan. So come up with active coping skills, and practical, tactical ways to solve your problems.

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