Roger is a highly rated speaker who has platform experience all over the country and internationally. He has a knack for taking complex ideas and making them understandable and memorable. Most people laugh (out loud) during his speeches because he knows how much humor helps people remember the content.

A Sample of Speaking Topics

Roger can create a custom speech for your event.

Leadership Expedition
  • Using Roger’s Leadership manual, Expedition, teams can meet monthly over lunch for a period of two years to complete the lessons. If your company seeks a 2-3 day retreat to focus on leadership, Roger and this book can be your guide.
Information Overload and Decision Fatigue
  • Learn how too much information is making you exhausted and less productive
Decisions, Distractions, and Deception
  • A primer on errors in decision-making, information overload, and the elements that cause us to defraud others
The Neurobiology of Emotionally Intelligent Relationships
  • The elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • De-escalating conflict
Financial Services Speeches
  • Managing Your Clients’ Emotions – AUDIO SAMPLE (length 0:42)
  • Horse Sense for the Fearful Investor
  • Horse Sense for the Leader Advisor
  • Curing Paralysis (And Other Reasons Your Clients Need You)
Making Better Decisions
  • A primer on errors in decision-making
  • Learn the critical elements of behavioral finance and Judgmental Heuristics
The Exceptional Life
  • Staying Happy and Being Productive – The Big Ten for an Exceptional Life
Do It Yourself Brain
  • How to Change your Brain and Change Your Life
  • A six session series based on my manuscript of the same name
Stress Management
  • Stress Refresher
  • Beating Burnout – AUDIO SAMPLE (length 0:30)
Change Management
  • Mental Management of Change
  • Dealing with Uncertainty
  • The Candyland Principle and the Secret of Internal Motivation
Conflict Resolution
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Why We Brawl
Succession Planning
  • Brain Drain — Keeping Institutional Knowledge from one Generation to the Next
Resilience/Overcoming Worry
  • Overcoming Worry in an Age of Panic
  • Resilience: How to Bounce Back from Adversity
  • How to Tick off Your Boss and Co-Workers in 10 Easy Ways
  • The Frog in the Pot and Other Lies Consultants Tell (on Habituation and Change Management)
  • Personal Excellence 101 – AUDIO SAMPLE (length 0:34)
  • When Employees Crack
  • Time Management and Procrastination
Team Building
  • Constructing the Dream Team
  • Storming and Performing Teams
Culture Formation
  • Constructing Quality
  • Creative Culture
  • Motivating Change in the Workplace
Myers Briggs (includes testing)
  • MBTI for Workgroups
Personal Development
  • Core Values
  • Building Trust
  • Living with Passion
  • Why Smart Leaders Fail
  • Get Rid of Clutter
  • Achieving Balance – AUDIO SAMPLE (length 2:31)
  • Courage
  • Being a Leader – AUDIO SAMPLE (length 0:35)
  • Stepping out of your Comfort Zone
  • Enneagram
  • Failing Forward
  • Failure
  • Groundhog Day (requires the use of the movie Groundhog Day)