I Read A Bunch Of Books.

OK, that’s not really true. In reality, I listen to a bunch of audio books. I sometimes read actual books with pages and everything. Pretty much every day I’m in the car, I’m listening to a book.

As a result, I’ve “read” more books than I ever read in school. Some of the books are duds and I can’t even finish them. Some are pretty good, but I find myself yelling at the stereo when the author says something silly. Some are magnificent.

Your Time Is Valuable.

You are probably information overloaded. I’ll send you this book review no more than once a month. I promise the review will only be one paragraph long. Thus the name, “Drive Thru Book Review.” It will give you some substance, but not the full meal that reading the actual book will give you.

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Happy Reading!

Roger Hall, PhD
Business Psychologist