At this point, you’re asking yourself, “Has he gone all post-apocalyptic and tin foil hatted on us?”  No I haven’t, but I am on a survival reading jag.  I’m finding that the mental strategies used by people to overcome tremendous adversity have great application to normal people on normal days.  She makes many of the same observations as Ben Sherwood in The Survivors Club, but organizes some of the stages of response to adversity better.  She is very clear in her emphasis on PRACTICE for success.  This is good advice for us all.  And the stories are just as good as Sherwood’s.

Quibble: Her observations are very good.  Her interpretations are suspect. She argues consistently from an evolutionary biology standpoint and then makes the statement, “We can make ourselves evolve faster.”  This comment will make Stephen Jay Gould (the naturalist and evolution apologist) spin in his grave.  It shows both her ignorance of a theory that she posits as the bedrock her interpretations.