I believe Yoga Berra.

“Ninety percent of baseball is mental, the other half is physical.”

Anyone who is successful at any thing is mostly successful because of his or her mental discipline.  This is true for any profession.  For example, take a car mechanic: I was talking to a mechanic who was working on my car a while back, and I asked, “How did you figure that out?”  He said, “You know what, it’s just thinking it through.” His success was all about his thinking.  It’s not that he knows how to turn bolts better than me, (though he does), it’s that he knows how to think better about the cause and effect of systems in cars than me.  If you are a golfer (and I’m not), you’ll know that golf is a mostly a mental game.  In professional sports, the physical differences are tiny.  Success or failure at that level is all mental.  The skills that make professional athletes successful are the same skills that make professionals and business owners successful.

How do you discipline your thinking?  If you are a business owner, or leader, any one who is in charge of other people – if you want to be successful – it’s all about mental discipline. Almost everything is predicated on how well you…

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