And we are fantastic liars when it comes to consumer goods.

Men, we do it all the time, “Yeah … yeah … that, er, that plasma screen I got is a real energy hog. You know the carbon footprint on that thing is awful. I really need to care for the environment. I gotta make a greener choice. Which is why I’m gonna get that LED LCD 70 inch because the energy consumption is way lower. And I just feel like it’s better for the environment.”

We will lie to ourselves all the time in order to rationalize a bad financial decision.

And, ladies, all I have to say is “shoes”. That’s it. That’s all I have to say. We’re done.

We will lie to ourselves and tell ourselves convenient lies in order to immediately gratify ourselves. We are inherently self-deceptive. We are a self-deceptive species. And the more you can start telling yourself the truth, based on evidence, about your money and your life, the more financial success you’ll have. And, if you’ve done it in one area of your life, you can do it in another.