Your success depends on your preparation.

What I do is…I provide directions to executives, professionals, and business owners.

This is the Ohio Association of County Boards Leadership Development Training. So this will be 2 days of my work that is blended in with a year long training.

I want you all to point to the ceiling, and now I’m going to say ready…aim…fire. When I say ready…aim…fire…I want you to point to the person at your table who you think said something that was so good the rest of us need to hear.

It’s always a great experience. The people here are wonderful, fully committed to the people they work with.

Ready. Aim. Fire.

Mike, go for it. (Mike speaking) “Alright, guys, one of the books I read every day for the last 5 years is Joel Osteen, Become A Better You.”

Alright, Joshua…stand up loud and proud (Joshua speaking) “I said, ‘If you love To Kill A Mockingbird and you do not want your opinion or views changed of the characters in that, do not read Go Set A Watchman.'”

Part of your role as emerging leaders is to take the microphone. People will look to you. They’ll ask your opinion. It’s important that you be able to speak extemporaneously. So I’m going to spend time giving you the opportunity to do that.

People look to leaders for their opinions. It’s important to know what’s in your own head.