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So for people out there that have trouble monitoring, managing their thinking and kind of disciplining it, what kind of advice would you give?

So the, the first advice is an exercise I put in the book, which is called thought monitoring exercise. And there are three steps to it. The first is, um, is the monitoring phase. You take your phone, you set an alarm every hour for 10 hours for a week, and when the alarm goes off, you take a little pad of paper and pencil and you write down what’s the thought that you had on the top of your head. And at the end of that week, you’ve got 70 observations.

The second piece is thought stopping. So once those unproductive thoughts come into your head, you go, oh, there it is. I’m doing that again. You Go, okay, cut that out. Ya’ll need to go. Yeah.

And then the third step is, um, thought replacement, where you work with somebody that you know, who knows you and loves you, who cares about you, you know, a friend, a pastor, or a relative, a coach, you know, a therapist and help come up with combating thoughts.

Those three steps are the first steps to mental discipline.

That is a great way to start managing and monitoring your thing because a lot of people don’t always dip into that stream of consciousness, right?

That sounds like something I would say.

Hey, I wonder where I got this from. You’ve been a client now and it’s paying off because I’ve been monitoring and managing my thinking. It works and what you said, the steps to start doing that if you’re not already doing that, is amazing.