Hi, I’m Dr. Roger Hall and this is Roger’s 2 Cents.

In this video series, I answer questions that people have sent me in sealed envelopes. So I don’t know what I’m going to say ahead of time. And so if my response is good, you’ll see this video. If my response is bad, it will never see the light of day. So let me see what this question is.

My first one is, I’d like Roger’s 2 Cents on this question. “How do you detoxify a toxic employee? We have one person who is poison to our group’s morale. How do we fix it?”

Well, the, the unfortunate answer is you don’t fix it. You don’t turn a poison person into a non-poison person. Maybe in another environment and in another group, this person wouldn’t be poisoned. But in your group, if they’re poison, you’re probably not going to change them.

My advice to you is find a way to help this person find a different place where they’ll thrive. You’re gonna spend a lot of energy and a lot of time trying to detoxify a poison person. So from my point of view, if possible, find another place where this person will be a happier employee, a happier contributor. I had a pastor who once called it “A Blessed Subtraction.” and much like the body does if, if you ever known anybody who’s been hit by shrapnel, that shrapnel gets incapsulated. It’s not what the body wants. So it gets encapsulated by the body and in time the body pushes it out. So with a poison person, you want to encapsulate that person and help them find their way to another location.

And that’s Roger’s 2 Cents.