If you ever want to become a great student, it makes sense to ask the best students in your class how they succeed.  If you ever want to be a great welder, it makes sense to ask the best welder in your town how he got to be so good at his trade.  Why is it then, that if so many people want to be rich, no one thinks to ask the richest man in town?  Randall Jones finally did – except he asked the richest men and women in 100 towns.  Let me warn you – this is not a get rich quick type of book (though one guy is a lotto winner).  With chapters titled:  “Seek Money for Money’s Sake and Ye Shall Not Find” and “Moor Yourself to Morals” you will not find the secret formula to easy wealth.  What you’ll find are principles that lead to success in all arenas of life.  In this case, the measuring stick of that success is money.  There are some pithy comments in the book that sound something like, ‘People look at the success and always thinks it was like this.  They never see the long hours, the hard work or the sacrifice – only the results.’  My favorite chapter was the badly named, “Get Addicted to Ambition.”  In reality, it is a chapter on hard work and internal motivation.  The book is full of guys you’ve heard of and guys you have never heard of.  You can learn from all of them – either as aspirational goals or cautionary tales.

I took a mulligan for December.