A masterpiece.  If you think it is just about how not to be impaled through the heart by a knitting needle (true story in the book), you’re dead wrong.  If you’d like to find out how to survive a ship turning upside down, Poseidon Adventure style, read the book (another true story within).  The author went to Navy flight school, got dunked and turned upside down under water in a simulator to see how fear changes a person’s ability to solve simple problems like unbuckling a seat belt (he nearly failed).  He teaches you the brain biology of overcoming fear.  He has an online test you can take to discover your survival profile (I’m not telling mine).  Most importantly, the secrets of every successful person I know are the same as those who survive disasters.  Read the book and you can learn them to make your life better – without worrying about how many fire extinguishers you have the house.  I’m beginning to think two is not enough.

My Quibble:  None.