This is part 20 in the series: RESILIENCE

3 Factors That Improve Your Odds of Surviving A Disaster

(Part 3 – Full Court Press on Life)


The first part of hardiness is control.

The second is commitment. It’s that full court press on life. There are people who look at life and say, “Well. I’m kind of just drifting through, just trying to muddle my way through, just trying to make it happen, trying to keep my head down.” That’s no way to be resilient. You’ll die sooner that way.

Resilient people have a full court press on life. They have a purpose in life and they are pursuing it. They are committed to living life to the fullest. Commitment in the sense that this is a person who is fully embracing life. They’re not waiting for life to come meet them. They are going out to meet life. I would say it is the characteristic of taking initiative. If you’ve been given everything, you need no initiative.

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