This is part 21 in the series: RESILIENCE

3 Factors That Improve Your Odds of Surviving A Disaster

(Part 4 – What Can I Learn?))


The first and second parts of hardiness are control and commitment.

The third and last is a challenge. Some people think, when bad things occur to them, it’s a curse from Zeus sitting on Mt. Olympus with a lightning bolt punishing them. “This is my lot in life. I guess this is the way it is going to be.” Other people say “Okay. What can I learn from this?”  When bad things happen, they view it as a challenge. How do I solve this problem rather than be the victim. “I guess I’ll just carry on.”  People who view life as a challenge say, “This really sucks. How do I solve it?”

If you look at it and you say “What can I learn from this positive event? What can I learn from this negative event?” If you view life as a constant challenge to learn, you will succeed. You will bounce back. If you do not, you will be crushed. The only people who haven’t experienced adversity are small children – and it is coming for them as well.

Control – Staying in the Game

Commitment – Full Court Press

Challenge – What Can I Learn?

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