When I go into an organization, they say, “We want better results.

Then I ask the question, “Where do those better results come from?

If it’s profit?
In your case is it a higher quality design?
In a manufacturing facility it’s more safety.
Whatever it is…

I ask the question, “So where does that come from?” And they say, “Well it comes from actions and behaviors. If we could just get people to do different actions and behaviors.

And they always tell me, “We’re going to model the best practices of all these organizations that we like, and if we do that, we’re going to have better results.

At which point I ask the follow-up question, which is, “Okay, where do actions and behaviors come from?

They come from THOUGHTS.

If you try to do the behavior without changing the underlying though that leads to the behavior, you will always fail.

The greatest instrument of change you have in your life is right up her in your noggin’. It’s your brain. Your pattern of thinking will predict whether you will have success in changing your actions and behaviors and whether you’ll get better results or not.