Hi, I’m Dr. Roger Hall. I’m with Compass Consultation. My company does executive coaching, leadership development, organizational leadership training, and I also do a good bit of public speaking.

The people I typically work with are executives, professionals, and business owners.

I started Compass Consultation in 1993 part-time, and then went full-time in 1998. I spent the best part of my career doing work with businesses and business owners. I got my PhD from Ohio State in 1993. Worked at Ball State University. Then worked part-time at a church for a few years. And have been on my own ever since.

Executive coaching is an opportunity for a leader to talk to somebody who will finally tell them the truth. One of the things that I always say is that the least, well-informed, and the most lied-to person in the building is the president or the owner. And my job is to tell that leader the truth as best as I see it. To help them resolve the problems that they face in the workplace that no-one will tell them the truth about. To get them to slow down and think through what they’re trying to do with their business. And to help them attack the self-defeating thoughts that keep them from being as successful as possible.

Great performance is first and foremost a mental discipline. And my job is to help the leaders that I work with become more mentally disciplined.

For more information about what I do, please visit CompassConsultation.com.