This is part 17 in the series: RESILIENCE

Who Lives? Who Dies?

If we look at Amanda Ripley’s book, Unthinkable: Who Survives when Disaster Strikes – and Why, she describes who survives.

First, people who are fit.

If you are overweight and weak and there’s a disaster, you’re probably going to die.

Second, people who have money tend to do better. If you’ve got a really well-built house and an earthquake comes, it’s probably not going to fall on your head.  The magnitude of earthquakes in the United States cause very little damage. When a high magnitude quake happens in Pakistan, thousands die. So, the more money you have, the more protected you are.

Third, it seems that white men do better as well. Sorry. I’m just the weather man. I’m not making the weather. I’m just reporting it.

So, all of you who don’t fit into those categories are saying, “Well. That’s not fair.” I didn’t say life was fair. I’m just reporting it.

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